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Yates, Martin 1958 British conductor. As a composer his music for flute and piano has been recorded by flautist Anna Noakes and he has written concertos for horn, trumpet, euphonium, organ, flute and flute & harp as well as four string quartets which are published by Broadbent & Dunn. He wrote a musical with Dudley Stevens (The Soap Opera, 1986), seen briefly at the Piccadilly Theatre, London and another musical with Steve Devereaux (Wuthering Heights)
Yeats, William Butler Yeats, W. B. 1865 1939 Irish poet and one of the foremost figures of 20th century literature.
Yelland, Fiona Scottish Composer
Yellen, Jack Jeleń, Jacek ; Yellen, Jack Selig 1892 1991 American lyricist and screenwriter. He his best remembered for writing the lyrics to the song Happy Days Are Here Again which was used by Franklin Roosevelt as the theme song for his successful 1932 presidential campaign, and Ain't She Sweet, a Tin Pan Alley standard.
Yeston, Maury 1945 American composer, lyricist, educator and musicologist. He is known for writing the music and lyrics to Broadway musicals, including Nine in 1982, and Titanic in 1997
Yevona, Tatiana Ukrainian Engraver for Handlo Music
Yevona, Valery Engraver for Handlo Music
Yohanes, Budi Susanto Susanto, Budi 1979 Indonesian conductor and composer. Along with conducting, Budi has chosen composition as his niche. A versatile musician, Budi has various choral experiences ranging from being a vocal instructor, art-director, and a singer himself
Yon, Pietro Alessandro 1886 1943 Italian-born organist and composer who made his career in the United States. On January 1, 1922 Yon was appointed 'Titular Organist' of the Vatican, a singular and unprecedented honor. The appointment put pressure on New York church authorities to promote Yon to a more-prestigious position. Yon was also a composer, most famous for his Humoresque "L'organo primitivo"- Toccatina for Flute, for organ, and his Christmas piece Gesù bambino.
Yongrub, 1934 Mongolian composer/arranger
Youmans, Vincent Youmans, Vincent Millie 1898 1946 American Broadway composer and Broadway producer. A leading Broadway composer of his day, Youmans collaborated with virtually all the greatest lyricists on Broadway. Youmans published fewer than 100 songs, but 18 of these were considered standards by ASCAP, a remarkably high percentage.
Young, Duncan Australian Lyricist
Young, Gordon 1919 1998 American organist and composer of both organ and choral works. His published works total over 800, and a number of his church anthems such as his Now Sing We Joyfully unto God, and his organ compositions such as his Prelude in Classic Style, have become standard repertoire.
Young, Joe 1889 1939 American lyricist who was most active from 1911 through the late-1930s, beginning his career working as a singer and songplugger for various music publishers. His last work was the famous standard "I'm Gonna Sit Right Down and Write Myself a Letter", written with Fred Ahlert in 1935.
Young, Kenny Israeli born American songwriter, producer and environmentalist who has been an active writer, artist, and producer from 1963 to the present. His most famous songs are "Under the Boardwalk," co-written with Arthur Resnick, "Ai No Corrida", "SSSingle Bed', "Captain of Your Ship", Just One More Night",and "Only You Can".
Young, Lee Young, Leonidas Raymond 1914 2008 American jazz drummer and singer.
Young, Percy Marshall 1912 2004 British musicologist, editor, organist, composer, conductor and teacher. Young published more than 50 books. His own compositions include: "Virgin's Slumber Song" (1932), From a Child's Garden (Robert Louis Stevenson; 1941), Passacaglia for violin and piano (1931), Fugal Concerto in G minor for 2 pianos and strings (1951), and Elegy for String Orchestra (1960).
Young, Robert H. 1923 2011 American musician. After serving as Minister of Music in several California churches, Dr. Young joined the faculty of Baylor University in 1962 where he remained until retirement in 1993. Dr. Young had more than 100 choral compositions published by some of the most prestigious publishing companies in the United States
Young, Victor 1899 1956 American composer, arranger, violinist and conductor. In the mid-1930s he moved to Hollywood where he concentrated on films, recordings of light music and providing backing for popular singers. He received 22 Academy Award nominations for his work in film