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O'Connell, Ryan 1988 American composer, arranger, orchestrator music director, and conductor. His music has been heard worldwide in a variety of venues: in film, on stage, and in the concert hall. He is perhaps most widely known for his popular choral arrangements for Shawnee Press and Alfred.
O'Connor, Shamus Irish born American songwriter with lyricist John J. Stamford best known for McNamara's band composed 1889
O'Donnell, John Sydney organist and Choral Conductor. Past MD of Tudor Choristers, and founder of Ensemble Gombert
O'Hara, Christopher O'Hara, Chris British music teacher, bass and choir director
O'Hara, Geoffrey 1882 1967 Canadian born American composer, singer and music professor who composed over 500 popular and patriotic songs, and hymns.
O'Hara, John Bernard 1862 1927 Australian poet and schoolmaster who wrote a large amount of carefully wrought verse, always readable and often on the verge of poetry. His sonnets are good and his nature poems charming, what he had to say was often beautifully said
O'Hare, William Christopher Christopher O'Hare 1867 1943 Louisiana orchestra director and composer of some of the earliest cakewalks He was first director of the grand opera house in Shreveport, Louisiana He also wrote music for silent movies
O'Horan, Patrick K. Poem, Sleep, O my little one was published in 1901
O'Keefe, Donald 1898 1975 Pseudonym for Norman MacPhail Blair who wrote music under many aliases
O'Leary, Mark Australian composer, arranger and music publisher. Mark is also Principal Guest Conductor of Gondwana Voices, Australia’s national children’s choir, Mark presents many workshops each year on choral music education throughout Australia and is the Victorian Branch President of the Kodaly Music Education Institute of Australia
O'Neill, Jackie 1939 American composer and pianist, who is also involved in accompanying and coaching vocal soloists and groups in both New York and Los Angeles.
O'Regan, Tarik Hamilton 1978 UK composer, of North African extraction
O'Reilly, P. J. 19th Century poet and lyricist, best known for "For You Alone" and "Thanks Be To God".
O'Shaughnessy, Arthur O'Shaughnessy, Arthur William Edgar 1844 1881 British poet and herpetologist of Irish descent, born in London. He is most remembered for his ode beginning with the words "We are the music makers, /And we are the dreamers of dreams" which has been set to music several times.
O'Shaughnessy, Terence Early 20th century lyricist and composer best known for Macnamara's Band
O'Sullivan, Seumas Starkey, James Sullivan 1879 1958 Irish poet
Oakeley, Frederick 1802 1880 English Roman Catholic convert, priest, and author. He was ordained in the Church of England in 1828 and in 1845 converted to Catholicism, becoming Canon of Westminster in 1852. He is now best known for his translation of Adeste Fideles (O Come All Ye Faithful) into English.
Oakeley, Herbert Stanley 1830 1903 English composer, most well known for his role as Professor of Music at the University of Edinburgh. Prior to his appointment to this role in 1865 he established his reputation as an organist, composer, and musician.
Oakland, Ben 1907 1979 American composer, lyricist and pianist most active from the 1920s through the 1940s. He composed mainly for Broadway and vaudeville, though he also worked on several Hollywood scores including for the film My Little Chickadee.
Oberborbeck, Felix 1900 1975 German Composer and Director of the Liszt School and of the Liszt Chamber choir.
Oberdoerffer, Fritz 1895 1979 German born musician, conductor and teacher who moved to Texas in 1950. He became Music Professor at the Universty of Texas, Austiin where he taught music theory and performance, published widely and organized Music events
Obrecht, Jacob Hobrecht, Jacob 1430 1505 Flemish composer of liturgical music renowned particularly for 30 odd polyphonic Mass cycles
Obst, Michael 1955 German composer, Professor of Composition and electronic music in Weimar, and visiting professor in Vienna.
Ockeghem, Johannes Jean de, Jan; surname Okeghem, Ogkegum, Okchem, Hocquegam, Ockegham; 1430 1495 Most famous composer of the Franco-Flemish School in the last half of the 15th century, and is often considered the most influential composer between Dufay and Josquin des Prez. In addition to being a renowned composer, he was also an honored singer, choirmaster, and teacher.
Offenbach, Jacques 1819 1880 German born French composer of operettas
Offer, C. K. Lyricist and translator
Ogilvie, Will H. Ogilvie, William Henry 1869 1963 Scottish author and poet
Ogura, Ro Japanese Music arranger
Öhrwall, Anders 1932 2012 Swedish conductor and composer. He founded the Stockholm Bach Choir in 1964. Anders Öhrwall also directed the Royal Stockholm Philharmonic Chorus, the Swedish Radio Choi,r and the Phoenix Bach Choir in Arizona.
Okun, Milton Okun, Milt T 1923 American arranger, record producer, singer and founder of Cherry Lane Music Publishing Company, Inc.