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Rabe, Folke 1935 Swedish composer of orchestral, choral, band, Film and Electronic music
Rabindranath Tagore Robindronath Thakur 1861 1941 Bengali Poet, writer, composer, philosopher and painter. He became in 1913 the first non-European as well as the first lyricist to win the Nobel Prize in Literature
Rachmaninoff, Sergei Vassilievich 1873 1943 Russian composer, pianist, and conductor. Rachmaninoff is widely considered as one of the finest pianists of his day and, as a composer, one of the last great representatives of Romanticism in Russian classical music.
Racine, Jean Racine, Jean Baptiste 1639 1699 French dramatist, one of the three great playwrights of 17th-century France (along with Molière and Corneille)
Raiskums, Andrew 1967 Australian composer, arranger, teacher, choir director both of church choir and Gloriana
Raksin, David 1912 2004 American composer who was renowned for his work in film and television. With over 100 film scores and 300 television scores to his credit, he became known as the "Grandfather of Film Music."
Raleigh, Walter (Sir) 1554 1618 English landed gentleman, writer, poet, soldier, politician, courtier, spy, and explorer.
Rameau, Jean-Philippe 1683 1764 Important French composer and music theorist of the Baroque era.
Ramin, Sid Ramin, Sidney Norton 1924 American composer conductor and arranger for Broadway and Hollywood musicals movies and television shows
Raminsh, Imant 1943 Canadian composer of Latvian descent, best known for his choral compositions
Ramirez, Ariel 1921 2010 Argentine composer, pianist and music director. He was considered "a chief exponent of Argentine folk music" and noted for his "iconic" musical compositions
Ramsay, Harold 1901 1976 British born Canadian organist, choirmaster, composer, teacher. in the early 1920s he was a vocal coach for Paramount Studios in New York and Hollywood and organist at Broadway's Rivoli Theater. After working in England as a theatre organist he spent the rest of his life in Canada
Ramsbotham, A. Ramsbotham, Rev. Alexander Early 20th century arranger and editor for Oxford University Press. Had a particular interest in Tudor music
Ramsey, Basil Music arranger and editor. He is a musical journalist and editor with many years' experience of writing about music in general terms and of church and organ music in particular. Own publishing co. Basil Ramsey Music publishers associated with EMI
Ramsey, Robert 1590 1644 was a Scottish-born composer and organist. His most well-known work is probably "How are the mighty fallen", an anthem for soprano, alto, tenor and bass.
Rand, Lionel Clouser, Lionel Randolph 1910 1942 American music arranger
Randegger, Alberto 1832 1911 Italian-born composer, conductor and singing teacher, best known for promoting opera and new works of British music in England during the Victorian era and for his widely used textbook on singing technique.
Randolph, David American musicologist, Music Director of the Masterwork Music and Art Foundation
Raney, Joel 1956 Composer of sacred music for Hope Music publishers, currently serves as Minister of Music at the First Baptist Church of Oak Park, Il
Rankine, Peter Rankine, Peter John 1960 Australian composer, arranger and conductor
Ransevycz, D. A. Ransevycz, Dean Apolinaiy 1968 Sydney based composer and music academic
Rao, Doreen Conductor and teacher links the standards of professional performance with the goals of music education. She has composed and arranged music performed in America, Canada and throughout the world. She has received msny awards for her promotion and leadership of choral music for children and adults. She is currently Artistic Director, Chicago Chamber Choir Music Director, Buffalo Master Chorale
Raphael, G. Raphael, Günter 1903 1960 German composer. He was also an editor of classical and baroque scores for Breitkopf and Härtel
Rapley, Felton Barrington, Peter; Rapley, Edmund Felton 1907 1976 British composer and church and a cinema organist. He divided his compositional time between writing organ music, light music and educational pieces.
Rapport, Myron Early 20th century music arranger
Rardin, Paul American Chair of Choral Activities at the Boyer College of Music and Dance, Temple University. Choir director of many American school and University choirs
Rasbach, Oscar 1888 1975 American pianist and composer and arranger of art songs and works for piano.
Raskin, Gene Raskin, Eugene 1909 2004 American musician and playwright, author of the lyrics of the English version of the Russian song "Those Were the Days" and also of three books on architecture and adjunct professor at Columbia University (1936–1976).
Ratcliffe, Desmond 1917 2001 British composer of choral and organ music and many arrangements. After the Second world war he joined Novello and Son where he was trained by Emery to become an excellent proof reader and music editor
Rathbone, George 1874 British pianist and organist, produced unison songs for children and choral works for adults