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Kabalevsky, Dmitry Kabalevsky, Dmitry Borisovich 1904 1987 Russian composer, prolific composer of piano music and chamber music
Kaempfert, Bert Kämpfert, Berthold Heinrich 1923 1980 German orchestra leader and songwriter. He made easy listening and jazz-oriented records and wrote the music for a number of well-known songs, including "Strangers in the Night" and "Moon Over Naples".
Kahal, Irving 1903 1942 American musician & songwriter
Kahn, Donald Gustave 1918 2008 American songwriterand record producer, son of Gus Kahn
Kahn, Gus Kahn, Gustav Gerson 1886 1941 German born American song writer and lyricist
Kaihau, Maewa Louisa Flavell [birth name], Kahan, Kaiha, Kaihan, Kaihans, Kaihau, Karham, Kashau, M. Kaihan, M. Kaihau, M. Kalhan, Maewa - Kaihau, Maewa Kaihan, Maewa Kaihan-Clement, Maihau Share 1879 1963 New Zealand songwriter and composer
Kaiser, Amy 1945 American conductor and choir director praised as being "among the best choral directors in the country"
Kaldor, Connie Kaldor, Connie Isabelle 1953 Canadian folk singer/songwriter
Kālidāsa 500 Indian Sanskrit poet and dramatist, born in the year 500, probably the greatest Indian writer of any epoch.
Kalinnikov, Vassili Sergeievich 1866 1901 Russian composer of two symphonies, several additional orchestral works and numerous songs, all of them imbued with characteristics of folksong
Källman, Sten 1952 Swedish composer, arranger and band leader. Professor of World Music at University of Gothenburg. Sten has visited Haiti several times to study, work, and tour. He has made it his priority to embrace the music of both Haiti and Scandinavia, seeking the crossroads where all cultures meet. He has introduced Haitian music to the West through his choral arrangements
Kálmán, Emmerich Kálmán, Imre 1882 1953 Hungarian composer of operettas.
Kamen, Michael 1948 2003 American composer (especially of film scores), orchestral arranger, orchestral conductor, song writer, and session musician. Contents
Kander, John Kander, John Harold 1927 American composer of a number of musicals as part of the songwriting team of Kander and Ebb. He wrote the music for the stage musical Cabaret, for which he won the Tony Award as Composer and Lyricist.
Kantor, Daniel 1960 American musician and composer
Kaplan, Artie Kaplan, Arthur W. 1945 American born saxophonist, singer-songwriter producer and composer, one of a very select group of musicians who helped shape the sound of pop, rock and RnB in the world today.
Kapper, Siegfried Kapper, Isaac Salomon 1821 1879 Bohemian-born Austrian writer of Jewish origin.
Karlin, F. Karlin, Frederick James 1936 2004 American composer of more than one hundred scores for feature films and television movies. He also was an accomplished trumpeter adept at playing jazz, blues, classical, rock, and medieval music.
Karmen, Steve 1937 American composer, most famous for several jingles. He also composed several music scores for motion pictures during the 1960s
Kasha, Al 1937 Brooklyn–born composer, songwriter, arranger and businessman. He started songwriting and producing at a young age and was hired as a producer at Columbia Records aged 22.
Kats-Chernin, Elena 1957 Australian composer born in Tashkent. She studied in Moscow, Sydney and Europe.and is currently in Australia where she has composed many works for orchestra and voice
Kay, Don 1933 Australian composer and Teacher at Hobart Conservatorium of Music
Keane, Larry 1982
Keats, Horace 1895 1945 London born Australian composer of over a hundred and twenty works. Most of Keats’ works were written as songs for both piano and instrumental accompaniment. However, there were some notable exceptions when he wrote scores for some of the early Australian films
Keats, John 1795 1821 English Romantic poet. He was one of the main figures of the second generation of Romantic poets, along with Lord Byron and Percy Bysshe Shelley,
Keble, John 1792 1866 English churchman and poet, one of the leaders of the Oxford Movement. Keble College, Oxford was named after him.
Keeble, Brian 20th century British poet
Keel, Frederick 1871 1954 English composer of art songs, baritone singer and academic
Keen, Marta Thompson, Marta Keen Marta Keen has written and published children's songs and choral works since 1982. An American composer and educator, Marta continues to arrange for and accompany church and community choral groups in the Las Vegas area.
Keighley, Thomas 1869 1935 British composer, music educator, conductor and organist. As a teacher of harmony and organ he worked at his alma mater, the Royal Northern College of Music in Manchester. In 1902, he was on the board of the Royal College of Organists professions and remained in this post until his death.