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Saar, Louis Victor 1868 1937 Dutch born American pianist, teacher, and composer. In 1894 Louis Victor Saar settled in the USA, where began a three-year stint as an accompanist at the Metropolitan Opera Company in New York. He was engaged by Antonín Dvorák to teach harmony and counterpoint at the National Conservatory from 1896 to 1898, and later served in a similar capacity at the New York College of Music, Institute of Musical Art of New York from 1898 to 1906. He remained in various Academic Instututions until his death
Sabin, Edwin L. 1870 1952 American author, primarily of boys' adventure stories, mostly set in the American West.
Sacco, John 1905 1987 American composer and conductor, Mr. Sacco composed hundreds of songs and was was a former associate musical director of the St. Louis Municipal Orchestra and executive director of the Starlight Musical Theater in Indianapolis.
Sachs, Edward Music Arranger
Sager, Carole Bayer 1947 American lyricist, singer, songwriter and painter.
Saint-Saëns, Camille 1835 1921 French composer, organist, conductor and pianist of the Romantic era.
Sainte-Marie, Buffy Sainte-Marie, Beverly 1941 Native Canadian singer-songwriter, musician, composer, visual artist,[1] educator, pacifist, and social activist.
Salaman, Charles Salaman, Charles Kensington 1814 1901 English composer who came from a Jewish family of German and Dutch origin. Salaman's compositions are numerous, including songs and orchestral and pianoforte pieces. Many of his compositions are musical settings of religious texts. He also wrote the book Jews as They Are with the intention of dispelling common myths about Judaism.
Salas, Estaban 1725 1803 Cuban composer of religious music
Salieri, Antonio 1750 1825 Italian classical composer, conductor and teacher. He was a pivotal figure in the development of late 18th-century opera. As the Austrian imperial Kapellmeister from 1788 to 1824, he was responsible for music at the court chapel and attached school.
Sallinen, Aulis 1935 Finnish contemporary classical music composer. His music has been variously described as "remorselessly harsh", a "beautifully crafted amalgam of several 20th-century styles", and "neo-romantic".
Salmon, Arthur L. Salmon, Arthur Leslie 1865 British lover of literature, poet, music critic and author of British travel guides
Salsbury, Sonny 20th century Composer and songwriter chiefly of sacred Songs
Salter, Sumner 1856 1944 American church organist, choral conductor and composer of songs, part songs and church music
Sametz, Steven 1954 American conductor and composer. He has been hailed as "one of the most respected choral composers in America." Since 1979, he has been on the faculty of Lehigh University in Bethlehem, Pennsylvania, where he holds the Ronald J. Ulrich Chair in Music and is Director of Choral Activities
Sammartini, Giovanni Batista 1701 1775 Italian composer, oboist, organist, choirmaster and teacher. He counted Gluck among his students, and was highly regarded by younger composers including Johann Christian Bach
Sammes, Mike Sammes, Michael William 1928 2001 English musician and vocal session arranger, performing backing vocals on pop music recorded in the UK from 1955 to the 1970s. He formed the Mike Sammes Singers, finding them soon steadily employed, for singers, soundtrack and radio jingles, working sometimes as many as four sessions in a day and up to six days a week
Sampson, Alistair 1929 2006 British Barrister turned dealer in English pottery and antiques who enjoyed a parallel career as a humorous writer and broadcaster As an author he began with four volumes of humorous poems,
Sampson, Godfrey 1902 1949 American composer and arranger
Sampson, William J. 19th and early 20th Century Australian composer. Choirmaster Congregational church Ballarat Victoria
Samuelson, Arvid 20th Century American author and music arranger
Samuelson, Bror 1919 2008 Swedish organist, choral conductor and composer.
Sandberg, Rhonda Polay, Rhonda American vocal, piano, drama, modeling, dance, and audition & performance techniques coach as well as an adjudicator and clinician for many choral and show choir festivals. She was adjunct Professor of Music at both Cal-State College of St. Marcos , and Palomar Collagefor six years teaching choir, composition, music theory, and individual studies in voice, piano, theory, songwriting, and composition.
Sandburg, Carl 1885 1977 American American poet, writer, and editor who won three Pulitzer Prizes, two for his poetry and one for his biography of Abraham Lincoln
Sanders, John 1933 2003 British organist, conductor, choir trainer and composer. He was organist of Gloucester Cathedral from 1967–1994, and director of the Three Choirs Festival from 1968–1994. He was awarded various honours for services to music including the Lambeth DMus, an honorary Fellowship of the Royal School of Church Music, and an OBE in 1994.
Sandler, Jacob Koppel 1860 1931 Jewish/Ukrainian born American composer and music director. Sandler served for a time as composer-director of the Arch Street Theatre in Philadelphia and then withdrew from the theater to appear as a synagogue choral director for the High Holy Days.
Sandström, Jan 1954 Swedish classical music composer. His compositions include the so-called Motorbike Concerto for trombone and orchestra and his choral setting of Es ist ein Ros entsprungen.
Sankey, Ira Dykes, Rian A. ; Lower, Harry S. 1840 1908 American gospel singer and composer, Sankey composed about 1,200 songs in his lifetime. He was blind from glaucoma the last five years of his life, and no doubt found a kindred spirit in his blind friend and music making partner Fanny Crosby.
Sansom, Clive A. 1910 1981 English-born Tasmanian poet, composerand playwright. As a poet, Sansom was best known for his performance poetry and his verses for children. He also wrote a number of plays. His Passion Play was a novel based around the Oberammergau Passion Play of 1950.
Saracinelli, Ferdinando 1583 1640 Italian Baroque Poet. In addition to the military career he devoted himself to the production of works of poetry and lyrics set to music by famous contemporary musicians