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Name Other Names Birthyear Deathyear Notes
Maasalo, Armas 1885 1960 Finnish composer, teacher and church musician
Mabry, George L. Mabry, George Louis 1945 American composer, conductor and performer
Mac Dómhnaill, Seán Clárach 18th cnetury Irish Poet
MacCunn, Hamish 1868 1916 Scottish Romantic composer, conductor and teacher.
MacDonagh, Thomas 1878 1916 Irish political activist, poet, playwright, educationalist and revolutionary leader. He was one of the seven leaders of the Easter Rising of 1916, a signatory of the Proclamation of the Irish Republic and Commandant of the 2nd Battalion, Dublin Brigade of the Irish Volunteers. He was executed for his part in the Rising at the age of thirty-eight. A prominent figure in the Dublin literary world, he was commemorated in several poems by W.B. Yeats
Macdonald, Archie Macdonald, Archibald Scottish lyricist
MacDowell, Edward Alexander 1861 1908 American composer and pianist of the Romantic period.
MacEachaidh, Bran Arranger and Lyricist
Macens, Ella 1991 Australian composer
MacFarlane, Malcolm 1853 1931 Scottish Gaelic scholar and songwriter.
MacFarren, [Sir] George Alexander 1813 1887 English composer and musicologist.
MacGillivray, Allister 1948 Canadian singer/songwriter, guitarist, and music historian
MacGimsey, Robert 1898 1979 American composer
Machaut, Guillaume de 1300 1377 Mediaeval French poet and composer.
MacIntyre, D. MacIntyre, David 1952 Canadian composer
Mackay, Charles 1814 1889 Scottish poet, journalist, author, anthologist, novelist, and songwriter
Mackellar, Dorothea Mackellar , Isobel Marion Dorothea 1885 1968 Australian poet and fiction writer. Her poem My Country is perhaps the best known Australian poem
Mackenzie, Alexander Campbell 1847 1935 Scottish composer, conductor, teacher
Mackenzie, Ken 1918 1993 Advertising composer of jingles
Mackie, John Stuart 1809 1895 Scottish scholar, poet and man of letters
MacKinnon, H. A. MacKinnon, Hugh A. 1891 1981 American organist and composer
Macklin, Charles B. Macklin, Charles Barthold 1887 1944 English born American organist, musicologist and composer
Maclean, Clare 1958 New Zealand composer living and working in Australia. Her works are performed in the US and other countries
MacLean, Douglas 1898 20th century music arranger and lyricist
Maclellan, Gene 1938 1995 Canadian singer-songwriter
Macleod, Annie C. MacLeod, Ann Campbell 1855 1921 Composer and editor of traditional Scottish music.
Macleod, Kenneth (Rev) 1871 1955 Well known in the Gaelic literary world, best known as the Gaelic collaborator of Marjory Kennedy-Fraser.
MacMahon, Desmond 1898 1962 Composed much vocal and choral music, sacred and secular, with a particular interest in Folk songs
Macmillan, James MacMillan, James Loy (Sir) 1959 Scottish classical composer and conductor.
MacMurrough, Dermot White, Harold Robert 1872 1943 20th century Irish professor of singing and composition at Leinster School of Music. Wrote church music, chamber works, songs, part songs and opera. He was Music critic or the irish Independant and the Dublin Evening Mail.MacMurrough was the pseudonym for H.R. White