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Gabler, Milton Gabler, Milt 1911 2001 American record producer, and writer
Gabriel, Charles H. Homer, Charlotte G., Henry, H. A. , Jackson, S. B.; Gabriel, Charles Hutchison 1856 1932 American writer of gospel songs and composer of gospel tunes. He is said to have written and/or composed between 7,000 and 8,000 songs
Gabrieli, Andrea 1520 1585 Italian composer and organist of the late Renaissance. The uncle of the somewhat more famous Giovanni Gabrieli, he was the first internationally renowned member of the Venetian School of composers.
Gabrieli, Giovanni 1557 1612 Italian composer and organist. He was one of the most influential musicians of his time, and represents the culmination of the style of the Venetian School
Gackle, Lynne Gackle, Lynne Dr. Contemporary American Professor of Ensembles and Associate Director of Choral Activities at Baylor University , clinician, conductor and adjudicator for choral clinics, honor choirs, workshops and festivals throughout the United States and abroad.
Gade, Niels Wilhelm 1817 1890 Danish composer, conductor, violinist, organist and teacher.
Gair, Mary Poet
Gaither, Bill Gaither, William J. 1936 American singer, songwriter and producer of gospel songs. Founder of Gaither Music publishing company. The collaborations of Bill and Gloria Gaither have resulted in more than 600 popular gospel songs,
Gaither, Gloria Sickal, Gloria Together with her husband Bill she has produced over 700 songs, numerous recordings and awards, a dozen musicals and a collection of books.
Gal, Hans 1890 1987 Austrian-British composer, teacher and author.
Gall, Jan Gall, Jan Karol 1856 1912 Polish vocal composer and music teacher.
Gallina, Jill American 20th century composer of musical plays and choral music for youth in elementary, middle, junior and senior high schools.
Gallus, Jacobus Carniolus, Jacobus Gallus (a.k.a. Jacob(us) Handl, Jacob(us) Händl, Jacob(us) Gallus; Slovene: Jakob Petelin Kranjski) 1550 1591 Late-Renaissance composer of Slovene ethnicity.
Galuppi, Baldassare 1706 1785 Italian composer, born on the island of Burano in the Venetian Republic. He belonged to a generation of composers whose works comprised the transition from Baroque to Classical-era music.
Galway, V. E. Galway, Victor Edward 1894 1960 New Zealand music academic, organist, conductor and composer.
Gannon, Kim Gannon, James Kimball 1900 1974 American songwriter, more commonly a lyricist than a composer.
Garcia, Gary 1948 2011 American singer/song writer, guitar and bass player, and producer.
Gard, Stephen 1952 Australian composer
Gardane, Antonio 1509 1569 French-born Italian composer and important music publisher based in Venice.
Gardiner, Henry Balfour 1877 1950 British musician, composer, and teacher
Gardner, John Linton 1917 2011 English composer of classical music.
Gardner, Maurice 1909 2002 American composer and arranger, founder of Staff Music Publishing co
Gardner, Ward Gardner, Archibald Ward Archibald Ward Gardner studied medicine at Glasgow University, qualifying in 1945. Dr. Gardiner wrote books on occupational health, first aid and preventive medicine, and many of his arrangements of music were published.
Garfunkel, Art Garfunkel, Arthur Ira 1941 American singer, poet and actor. He partnered in his earlier years with Paul Simon in the folk rock duo Simon & Garfunkel.
Garland, Joe 1903 1977 American jazz saxophonist, composer, and arranger, best known for writing "In the Mood".
Garner, Erroll Garner, Erroll Louis 1921 1977 American jazz pianist and composer known for his swing playing and ballads. His best-known composition, the ballad "Misty"
Garrett, Siedah 1960 US singer songwriter
Garstin, Crosbie 1887 1930 British poet and best-selling novelist
Gartlan, George H. Gartlan, George Herbert 1882 1963 20th century composer. Director of Music in Public Schools of New York City in 1922
Gascoigne, George 1535 1577 English poet, soldier and unsuccessful courtier. He is considered the most important poet of the early Elizabethan era