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Haazan, Guido 1921 2004 Belgian Catholic Friar, missionary in Congo, who transcribed the music of Missa Luba from collective improvisations on traditional song forms
Haberlen, John Haberlan, John Black American timpanist, Director of the Georgia State University School of Music since 1996, past national President of the American Choral Directors Association
Hadar, Josef Hadar, Yosef 1926 2006 Israeli Choir Director and Composer of at least 240 songs. Some of Hadars' compositions have become established folk songs and constitute the hardcore of the popular Israeli music genre.
Haddock, G. M. Haddock, G. Marston English singer, arranger and translator who He has worked with the Stratford-upon-Avon Festival Theatre and was appointed vice-principal of the Leeds College of Music, Elocution and Drama, in 1923. It was at Leeds that he entered upon his research in folk music and hit upon the idea of featuring this music in concerts.
Hadley, Henry Kimball 1871 1937 American composer and conductor.
Hadley, Patrick 1899 1973 British composer and teacher
Hagemann, Phillip 1942 American composer and Choral Director
Hagenberg, Elaine Elaine Hagenberg’s compositions are performed worldwide and frequently featured at national and regional American Choral Directors Association Conferences, All-State festivals, Carnegie Hall, and other distinguished international concert halls from Australia to South America and throughout Europe.​
Hairston, Jester Joseph 1901 2000 American composer, songwriter, arranger, choral conductor, and actor. He was regarded as a leading expert on African-American spirituals and choral music
Hakenberger, Andrzej 1574 1627 Polish composer and lutenist.
Haldeman, Oakley 1909 1986 American songwriter, composer, author and the general manager for a music publisher
Hale, Heather Australian Lyricist and singer, retired and living in South Australia.
Hale, Peter Australian composerand singer, retired and living in South Australia
Hale, T. W. Welborn, Terry American songwriter and lyricist of Popular Music. He joined the ClearView Baptist church staff as Director of Music and Technologies full time in 2005.
Halévy, Ludovic 1834 1908 French author and playwright
Haley, Ed Haley, James Edward 1885 1951 Professional blind American musician and composer best known for his fiddle playing.
Halford, John 20th century British composer
Halket, George 1756 Scottish poet and songwriter
Hall, Anthony T. Hall, Anthony Titus; Tudor, George 1898 1987 Australian Music arranger
Hall, Frederick Brand, Georges; Dare, Anthony; Hall, Frederick (Fred) Fifield ; Morel, Gabriel ; Stanbridge, C; Surrey, Charles; Wynn, Hubert 1956 Frederick (Fred) Fifield Hall, wrote under numerous psuedonymns. Late editor for Allans Australia
Hall, John John Hall of Durham 1627 1656 English poet, essayist and pamphleteer of the Commonwealth period.
Hall, Johnson Johnson, Francis Hall 1888 1970 American Violinist who became more interested in choral music, forming the Hall Johnson Negro Choir, the first of many choral ensembles He helped to raise the African-American spiritual to an art form,,
Hall, Tom T. 1936 American country music songwriter, singer, novelist, and short-story writer. He has written 11 No. 1 hit songs, with 26 more that reached the Top 10.
Hall, William D. Dawson, Eric American professor of Music, Dean of Music at Chapman University, Methodist minister of music and and choral conductor.
Hall, William F. 20th Century composer and Music arranger
Hallagan, Robert H. 20th century composer, arranger and editor
Hallberg, Bengt 1932 Swedish jazz musician, composer and arranger
Halley, Paul 1952 Composer, conductor and keyboardist
Halloran, Ella Rose 1920 American composer
Halloran, Jack 1916 1997 American composer and choral director. He landed the job as choral director and arranger on The Dean Martin Show while working with the singer on his recording of "Volare."