Trad/Anon/composer unknown


Title Alternate Title(s)
Come To the Manger
Come Ye Fair and Gentle Ladies
Come Ye Lofty
Come, Sweetheart
Comin' Thro' the Rye
Con Amores, La Mi Madre All the Love I Have
Country Gardens
Country Towns
Cradle Song
Cross of Christ Inspires My Heart Angels In Shining Order Stand
Cumberland Gap
Dadme Albricias, Hijos D'Eva Sons of Eve, Reward My Tidings
Dance and Turn Tancuj, Tancuj
Dance to Your Daddy
Dance With Me, Tuka
Dancing Day
Dancing Song From Medzibrod
Dancing Song From Poniky
Danse, Mon Moin', Danse!
Dark Eyed Sailor
Das Zerbrochene Ringlein The Broken Ring
Dashing Away With the Smoothing Iron
De Animals A-Comin'
De Battle of Jericho
De Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy The Glorious Kingdom; Virgin Mary Had a Baby Boy
Dear Nightingale Awake
Deck the Hall
Deck the halls and All That Jazz
Deep Peace


Title Alternate Title(s) Composer(s)