Novello & Co. Ltd

Location: London


Title Composers Type Arranged For Languages
A Ballad Wendt, Theo Score SATB English
A Border Ballad Prescott, Oliveria Score SATB English
A Country Glee Ratcliffe, Desmond Score SATB English
A Hymn for St. Cecilia Howells, Herbert Norman Vocal, organ SATB, organ English
A Love Symphony Pitt, Percy Score SATB English
A Spotless Rose Mealor, Paul Score SATB divisi, a cappella English
A Stronghold Sure Bach, Johann Sebastian Vocal score SATB, SATB soli, Piano English
Adieu Sweet Amaryllis Wilbye, John Score SATB English
Ah Dere Heart, Why Do You Rise? Gibbons, Orlando Score SSATB English
Alas! What Hope of Speeding Wilbye, John Score SATB English
Alexander Brewer, Alfred Herbert Score SATB, piano/a capella English
Amaryllis I Did Woo West, John Ebenezer Score SATB English
An Old Romance Mendelssohn-Bartholdy, Felix Score SSA a capella
An Old Song Resung Gardiner, Henry Balfour Score SATB, a capella English
And I Saw a New Heaven Bainton, Edgar Leslie Vocal score SATB, organ English
And Wilt Thou Weep Thomas, W. E. Score SATB English
April Salaman, Charles Score SATB English
As Vesta Was from Latmos Hill Descending Weelkes, Thomas Score SSAA/TTB English
Awake Sweet Love Dowland, John Score SATB English
Bells of St Michael's Tower Stewart, Robert Prescott (Sir) Score SATBB, Piano English
Belshazzar Handel, George Frideric Vocal score SATB, SMzTB soli, piano reduction English
Beware! West, John Ebenezer Score SATB English
Blessed Are the Departed Spohr, Louis Score SATB English
Blest Pair of Sirens Parry, (Sir) Charles Hubert Hastings Vocal score SATB, Piano/Organ English
Blow Away the Morning Dew Trad/Anon/composer unknown, Score SSATB, A capella English
Bushes and Briars Vaughan Williams, Ralph Choir score TTBB English
Bushes and Briars Trad/Anon/composer unknown, Score SATB, A solo, A capella English
Butterflies Phillips, Glen Score SA, piano English
Cargoes Gardiner, Henry Balfour Score SATB English
Challenge of Thor Elgar, Edward Score SATB English