Harold Flammer Inc.

Location: New York


Title Composers Type Arranged For Languages
Be With Us Lord Bach, Johann Sebastian Score SAB, piano English
Canon in D Pachelbel, Johann Score SSAA, piano/organ
Canon in D Pachelbel, Johann Score SATB, Piano English
Give Thanks to the Lord Handel, George Frideric Score SAB, piano English
Hallelujah Telemann, Georg Phillipp Score SATB
Let Heavenly Music Fill This Place Young, Gordon Score SATB English
Let the Floods Clap Their Hands Ludlow Jr., Benjamin Score 3 part speech choir, percussion English
Let There Be Music Young, Gordon Score SATB, piano, trumpets English
Praise the Lord Handel, George Frideric Score SATB English
Renaissance to Baroque, Volume 1 Various, Score SATB, a capella
Shortnin' Bread Trad/Anon/composer unknown, Score SA, piano English
Shout the Glad Tidings Handel, George Frideric Score SAB English
Sing Be Joyful D'Aquin, Louis-Claude Score SATB, a capella English
Sing, Be Joyful, Christ Is Born Goemanne, Noel Score SATB English
Smile Chaplin, Charles Score SATB, Piano English
The Beggar's Song Leveridge, Richard Score TBB
Three Early American Hymn Tunes Trad/Anon/composer unknown, ; Wyeth, John; Moore, William Score SATB, piano English
Three Men on Camelback Ker, Ann Vocal Score SA/Two Voice parts English
What God Can Do Price, Nancy; Besig, Don Score SAB English
Without Love Dengler, Lee Score SATB, Piano English