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Wilson, Harry Robert 1901 1968 American music educator, conductor, and composer. He taught choral music in Hastings-on-Hudson, New York (1932–4), and directed choral organizations at Teachers College (1936–66),
Wilson, Ira B. Holton, Fred B. Early 20th century composer associated with Lorenz publishers
Wilson, John 1595 1674 English composer, lutenist and teacher.He became a Professor of Music at Oxford in 1656 Following the Restoration, he joined the Chapel Royal in 1662
Wilson, Kris Australian ?
Wilson, Mary 20th Century poet, wife of Prime Minister Harold Wilson
Wilson, Sandy Alexander Galbraith Wilson 1924 2014 English composer and lyricist, best known for his musical The Boy Friend (1953)
Wilson, Steuart Wilson, Sir James Steuart 1889 1966 English singer, known for tenor roles in oratorios and concerts in the first half of the 20th century. He retired from singing and became the BBC's director of music. He was also an arranger and lyricist
Wimpens, Arthur Wimperis, Arthur Harold 1874 1953 English illustrator, playwright, lyricist and Academy Award-winning screenwriter.
Winikoff, Michael 1971 New Zealand computer scientist and musician. As a musician, he is into classical music and is heavily involved with choirs, both as a chorister, as an accompanist (and sometime conductor), and as a composer.
Winstanley, John 1922 2014 A Melbournian by birth, John Winstanley came to Perth in 1976 after holding the post of Director of Music at Harrow School in England. He was a distinguished composer, conductor and choir director
Wirges, William 1894 1971 American pianist, bandleader, and composer Wirges was a prolific composer, writing popular songs, sacred material, and commercial jingles. One of the jingles became Wirges' best-known number, the song "Chiquita Banana" written with lyricists Garth Montgomery and Len Mackenzie
Wirth , Gerald 1965 Austrian musician and Artistic Director of the Vienna Boys Choir since 2001
Wishart, Peter Wishart, Peter Charles Arthur 1921 1984 English composer. His music is published by various publishing houses, including Banks Music Ltd., Stainer & Bell, Hinrichsen, OUP and Jackdaws Publications. His output was primarily as a vocal composer, writing songs and operas.
Wither, George 1588 1667 17th Century Writer
Withers, Bill Withers, William Harrison 1938 American singer-songwriter and musician who performed and recorded from 1970 until 1985. Withers won three Grammy Awards and was nominated for four more.
Wolf, Howard K. Engraver and editor for Kalmus music
Wolfe, Jacques 1896 1973 Romanian-born American songwriter. Jacques Wolfe is credited with writing "Short'nin' Bread" in 1928. He also set "Three Negro Poems" by Clement Wood to music for "medium or low voice and piano"
Wolfman, Barbara American Teacher, Composer and Muysic Arranger
Wolstenholme, William 1865 1931 English composer and organist, who was a close friend of the other noted blind organist Alfred Hollins and was also well known as a recitalist.
Wolters, G. Wolters, Gottfried 1910 1989 German music editor especially for Möseler
Wood, Bruce British organ pupil of Sir David Willcocks. He taught for several years at the Leys School, Cambridge, and Cranleigh School, before being appointed to a lectureship at Bangor in 1979. In 2005 he was appointed Professor of Music, retiring in 2010. Bruce’s primary research interests – on which he has published widely – are in the music of the Restoration period (especially the works of Henry Purcell and John Blow) and twentieth-century English music (especially that of Elgar).
Wood, Charles 1866 1926 Irish composer and teacher; his pupils included Ralph Vaughan Williams at Cambridge and Herbert Howells at the Royal College of Music. Wood is chiefly remembered for his Anglican church music. As well as his Communion Service in the Phrygian Mode, his settings of the Magnificat and Nunc dimittis are still popular with cathedral and parish church choirs, particularly the services in F, D, and G, and the two settings in E flat; during Passiontide his St Mark Passion is sometimes performed.
Wood, Haydn 1882 1959 20th-century English composer and a respected violinist. From 1913 to 1926, he toured extensively with the soprano Dorothy Court whom he married in 1909. He also gained considerable success from his works, particularly his songs. From 1939, he served as a director of the Performing Right Society.
Wood, John Wood, John Spalding 20th century British composer
Wood, Thomas 1892 1950 English composer and author. In 1919 he was appointed Director of Music at Tonbridge School in Kent, returning to Oxford in 1924 to teach at Exeter College. During this period he composed several choral-orchestral works including Forty Singing Seamen (1925), Master Mariners (1927) and The Ballad of Hampstead Heath (1927)
Woodgate, Leslie Woodgate, Herbert Leslie 1900 1961 English choral conductor, composer, and writer of books on choral music. Most of his compositions were choral works, but he sometimes wrote for instrumental and orchestral forces. His Op. 1, Hymn to the Virgin and The White Island for male soloist, male choir and orchestra, earned him a Carnegie Prize in 1923.
Woodley, Bruce William 1942 A member of "The Seekers" group
Woodman, Michael S. Music arranger and Editor
Woods, Harry MacGregor Woods, Henry M. 1896 1970 American Tin Pan Alley songwriter and pianist. Despite the fact that he was born with no fingers on his left hand, Woods' mother, a concert singer, encouraged him to play the piano. By 1926, Woods was an established songwriter on Tin Pan Alley, and would become legendary with his new song, "When the Red, Red Robin (Comes Bob, Bob, Bobbin' Along)".
Woodward, H. H. Reverend 1847 1909 Warden of the choristers attached to Worcestershire cathedral and the King's School in 19th century.