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Willcock, Christopher 1947 Australian Jesuit Priest and composer who studied with Peter Sculthorpe. While he has written much liturgical music, an increasing body of his work has been commissioned for the concert hall In 1999 he was commissioned to write a piece for the Tallis Scholars, entitled Gospel Bestiary. In addition, he has prepared a large number of arrangements of various folk songs, carols, hymns, and other traditional music for groups such as The Melbourne Chorale.
Willcocks, Jonathan 1953 English composer, son of Sir David Willcocks. He is conductor and musical director of the Portsmouth Choral Union, Guildford Choral Society and Chichester Singers, and of the professional chamber orchestra Southern Pro Musica. His extensive compositional output is predominantly Choral
Willcocks,(Sir) David Valentine 1919 2015 British composer. He was the renowned conductor of the British Bach choir and Kings College Cambridge Choir. He reintroduced the Christmas 9 lessons and carols to world acclaim. Widely admired for his combination of gentlemanly charm, scholarship and pinpoint musicianship, he went on to act as an adviser to the wider musical establishment.
Willey, James Henry 1939 American composer and teacher with many compositions, recordings and publications
Williams, Bennett American arranger and editor
Williams, Charles Cozerbreit, Isaac 1893 1978 British composer and conductor, contributing music to over 50 films. While his career ran from 1934 through 1968, much of his work came to the big screen as stock music and was therefore uncredited. He composed many orchestral pieces and marches for his ensembles, which were recorded in the "Mood Music" category of light music and during the 1950s became familiar as film and television signature themes, often in his own recordings:
Williams, Charles Lee 1853 1935 English composer, organist, chorister, conductor, and editor; resigned as Gloucester Cathedral organist in 1897.
Williams, D. M. Williams, David McKinley 1887 1978 Welsh born American composer and arranger and author of several article on early Christian music
Williams, H.C.N. Williams, Harold Claude Noel (Rev.) 1914 1990 South African Anglican priest and author
Williams, J. D. B. Australian indigenous composer
Williams, J. Jerome 1865 1932 American songwriter
Williams, J. Paul Williams, James Paul; Williams, Paul 1937 2010 American composer and lyricist who made notable contributions to the field of church music. His catalog of published lyrics exceeds 925 songs, running the gamut of sacred and secular texts. A leader of choral clinics and composer symposiums, he was also a member of the American Society of Composers and Publishers (ASCAP).
Williams, John Gerard Williams, Gerrard 1888 1947 English composer and arranger, Much of his best work is in his numerous songs, which have great lyrical charm
Williams, John Towner Williams, John 1932 American composer and conductor John Williams has scored more than 100 films, including 'Jaws,' six 'Star Wars' movies, 'E.T.' and the first three 'Harry Potter' films. Williams may be best known for his work with Steven Spielberg and George Lucas. Almost all of Spielberg's films have Williams scores
Williams, Joseph Music arranger
Williams, Lyn Williams, Lyn OAM Australian conductor of choirs and orchestras. Director of Gondwana choirs
Williams, Paul 1940 American Singer, Songwriter, Actor, Author. He has released twenty-four albums and provided songs and scores for dozens of films
Williams, Peter 1952 2011 American teacher, clinician, as well as a pianist and composer. Comfortable and adept in many musical styles, his compositions and arrangements range from deeply moving and wondrous serious works (sacred and secular), to stunningly creative jazz and pop charts.
Williams, Ralph Edwin 1916 American composer of band and choral music
Williams, Spencer 1889 1965 American jazz and popular music composer, pianist, and singer. He is best known for his hit songs "Basin Street Blues", "I Ain't Got Nobody", "Royal Garden Blues", "I've Found a New Baby", "Everybody Loves My Baby", "Tishomingo Blues", and many others.
Williams, Walter Williams, Frank Walter Music editor and translator
Williamson, Malcolm Williamson, Malcolm Benjamin Graham Christopher AO, CBE 1931 2003 Australian composer. He was the Master of the Queen's Music from 1975 until his death.
Williamson, Warren Ehret, Walter 1918 2009 Pseudonym for Walter Ehret
Willis, Allee 1947 American songwriter, artist, set designer, multimedia artist, writer, collector, party thrower, and director. In 1995 Willis was nominated for an Emmy for her #1 hit, "I'll Be There for You", the theme from Friends, one of the best selling television themes of all time. She also co-wrote the hit Broadway musical, The Color Purple.
Wills, Arthur 1926 British musician, composer, and professor. He was Director of Music at Ely Cathedral from 1958 to 1990, and also held a Professorship at the Royal Academy of Music in London from 1964 until 1992. He has composed prolifically for the organ and choir.
Willson, Meridith 1902 1984 American composer, songwriter, flutist, conductor and playwright, best known for writing the book, music and lyrics for the hit Broadway musical The Music Man. He wrote three other Broadway musicals, composed symphonies and popular songs, and his film scores were twice nominated for Academy Awards.
Wilson, Alan 1947 British composer of church music. From 1974 to 1986 he was Director of Music at the Church of Christ the King, Bloomsbury, for whose choir he originally wrote many of his choral works. In 1976, he became Director of Music at Queen Mary College London; and in 1986, he became organist at the church of St. Mary-le-Bow.
Wilson, Brian Wilson, Brian Douglas 1942 American musician, singer, songwriter, and record producer best known for being the multi-tasking leader and co-founder of the Beach Boys. After signing with Capitol Records in 1962, Wilson wrote or co-wrote more than two dozen Top 40 hits for the group
Wilson, Ed Wilson, Edward John 1944 Australian composer and member of Daly/Wilson Big Band. Realising that most school bands in Australia were only playing American arrangements Ed formed his own publishing company with his wife, Esther, in 1990. He would eventually supply these bands with his own music.
Wilson, F. Music arranger