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Corkill, Peter music teacher at Kambala Girls School located in Sydney, New South Wales
Corley, Maria Thompson Jamaican born canadian Pianist, arranger and Teacher. Aside from being an accomplished pianist, Maria Corley is an author, whose first novel, Choices, was published by Kensington. She is also a composer and arranger of music for both solo voice and chorus, with pieces commissioned and recorded by the Florida A&M University Concert Choir, the Tallahassee Boys Choir, and soprano Randye Jones.
Cornelius, Peter 1824 1874 German composer, writer about music, poet and translator.
Corney, Alfred Lyricist
Cornford, Frances 1886 1960 English poet, Granddaughter of Charles Darwin, married to Francis Cornford
Cornish, William 1465 1523 English composer, dramatist, actor and poet
Corp, Ronald 1951 Composer, conductor and Church of England priest. He is Artistic Director of the New London Orchestra and the New London Children’s Choir both of which he founded, respectively, in 1988 and 1991. He is also Musical Director of the London Chorus and the Highgate Choral Society. He has worked with the BBC Singers, Bournemouth Symphony Orchestra, Royal Scottish National Orchestra and the Leipzig Philharmonic Orchestra. Ronald was awarded an OBE in 2012.
Corrette, Michel 1707 1795 French organist, composer and author of musical method books.
Cory, George C. [Jr] 1920 1978 American composer
Cory, William Cory, William Johnson; Johnson, William 1823 1892 English educator and poet. Cory became an assistant master at Eton in 1845 just after graduating from King's College Cambridge.
Costa, M. Costa, Sir Michael Andrew Angus 1808 1884 Composer, arranger and conductor
Costeley, Guillaume 1531 1606 French composer of the Renaissance.
Cotes, Ambrosio 1550 1603 Spanish Renaissance composer. Like many other Spanish composers of the period, his secular villancicos and canzonetas have been lost. Of the sacred works 25 polyphonic compositions are preserved in Granada, a mass in the Cathedral of Valencia, and a further 3 motets in the Colegio del Patriarca.
Cotton, W. J. American composer, music arranger and author
Coulter, Phil 1942 Irish musician, songwriter and record producer. He was awarded the Gold Badge from the British Academy of Songwriters, Composers and Authors in October 2009
Coungeau, Emily 1860 1936 English born Australian Poet
Couperin, François 1668 1733 French Baroque composer, organist and harpsichordist.
Coursen, Charlotte H. C. H. C. Late 19th century , early 20th Century American Translator, writer and poet
Courtney, Craig American composer, conductor, vocal coach and Choir music director with many published works. Craig Courtney, staff composer and editor at Beckenhorst Press, writes for choir, voice and piano, plus extended works for choir and orchestra.
Covell, Roger 1931 Australian musicologist, critic and author. Professor Emeritus in the School of English, Media and Performing Arts at the University of New South Wales, in Sydney, and continues to contribute articles and reviews to the Sydney Morning Herald, where he served as principal music critic from 1960 until the late 1990s.
Cowall, Nicholas Australian music educator, conductor, vocal coach, vocalist, Russian language coach, based in Melbourne. Member of The International Society For Orthodox Church Music
Cowan, Marie 1919 In 1903 Marie Cowan was hired to alter the song lyrics of Walzing Matilda for use as an advertising jingle for Billy Tea, making it nationally famous.
Cowan, Samuel K. Cowan, Samuel Kennedy 1850 1918 Irish Poet and Author. Many of his poems were set to music
Coward, J. M. Coward, James Munro British composer, editor and arranger, and uncle of Noel Coward. In 1895 he was offered the post of organist of St Alban's church, Teddington and was listed as the organist performing at the 1900 Golden Jubilee at St Saviour’s Catholic Church, Broadway
Coward, Leslie Coward, L. 1935
Cowen, Frederic H. Cowen Frederic Hymen 1852 1935 British pianist, conductor and composer.
Cox, David Cox, David Vassall 1916 1997 Composer and BBC Music producer and Music organiser for overseas services
Crabbe, George 1754 1832 Poet, many of whose poems were set to music by Benjamin Britten
Craddock, Billy Craddock, Crash; Crash, Billy 1939 American country and rockabilly singer. He first gained popularity in Australia in the 1950s with a string of rockabilly hits, including the Australian number one hit "Boom Boom Baby". Switching to country music, he gained popularity in United States in the 1970s with a string of top ten country hits.
Craddock, Joseph Cradock, Joseph 1742 1826 Poet, author and playwright