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Cloake, Melissa Australian composer, member of Couterpoint choir
Cloninger, Claire One of the most successful modern gospel songwriters. A prolific writer, Cloninger has written 19 seasonal musicals for church choir.
Cloud, Lee 1950 1995 American Composer, educator and choral clinician. He received a Ph.D. degree in music theory from the University of Iowa, and taught at several institutions, including Winston Salem State University, the University of Iowa, Grinnell College, and Northern Illinois University. He also served as Coordinator of Education for the Center for Black Music Research at Columbia College Chicago, where he developed a six-course curriculum on black music.
Clough-Leighter, Henry 1874 1956 American Composer many art-songs, cycles, cantatas and large choral works with organ or orchestra accompaniments, including The Christ of the Andes, a symphonic ode for chorus and orchestra. Piano compositions and many organ transcriptions. Editor musical, pedagogical and technical works. Editor in chief Boston Music co from 1908
Clough, A. H. Clough, Arthur Hugh 1819 1861 English poet and educationalist
Clutsam, George H. 1866 1951 Australian pianist, composer and writer, best remembered as the arranger of Lilac Time. Clutsam published over 150 songs.
Clydesdale, David T. Church Music and Film Composer. Music Arranger, orchestrator and Producer. Along with his volumes of church choral music, David has also created works for Walt Disney World productions.
Coates, Eric 1886 1957 English composer of light music and a viola player.
Coates, Henry 1880 1963 Music Editor, arranger, author and English translator
Coates, John Jr. Coates, John Francis; Coates, John Francis Jr 1938 American composer and music arranger
Cobb, James 1756 1818 English librettist
Cobb, Nancy Hill 1951 American music academic and composer. Associate Provost for Faculty at the University of Northern Iowa.
Cockburn, [Mrs] Alison Rutherford, Alison 1712 1794 Scottish Poet
Cockshott, Gerald Wilfred 1915 1979 English composer, librettist, writer and teacher
Coggin, Elwood Editor, Composer and arranger for Augsberg Fortress
Cohen, Dulcie M. Early 20th century Sydney based Australian Composer
Cohen, Leonard 1934 Jewish -Canadian poet. novelist, singer, songwriter and film maker
Cohen, Lisa-Catherine Canadian born writer and editor based in California. A two-time-platinum, #1 hit lyricist and an internationally renowned writer, she brings to each project the poet's eye and an expert craftsman's attention to detail
Cokayne, Aston (Sir) 1608 1684 British Cavalier and a minor literary figure, writer of poems and plays
Colahan, Arthur (Dr.) 1884 1952 Irish doctor, British Army officer and songwriter.
Cole, William Cole. William Charles 1909 1997 English conductor, composer and organist. In 1930 he became Organist and Choirmaster at Dorking Parish Church, where he stayed for 24 years, and in the following year he was appointed Music Master of Dorking County School. He studied at the Royal Academy of Music, where he met the organist Walter Emery, the beginning of a long and musically fruitful friendship - they even shared the FRCO prizes in January 1930.
Coleman, Cy Kaufman, Seymour 1929 2004 American composer, songwriter, and jazz pianist.
Coleman, Henry 1888 1965 English organist and music arranger
Coleman, Larry composer, arranger and author
Coleridge-Taylor, Samuel 1875 1912 English composer of Creole descent who achieved such success that he was once called the "African Mahler".[1]
Coleridge, Mary Elizabeth Anodos 1861 1907 British Novelist and Poet
Coleridge, S. T. Coleridge, Samual Taylor 1772 1834 English poet, literary critic and philosopher who, with his friend William Wordsworth, was a founder of the Romantic Movement in England and a member of the Lake Poets.
Collingwood, Arthur 1880 1952 English born composer of both sacred and secular music. He emigrated to Canada as the head 1931-47 of the newly formed Dept of Music at the University of Saskatchewan.
Collins, Charles 1904 1999 American composer Charles Collins is best known for writing works which are appropriate for younger choirs. Highly accessible arrangements and original works are often light and refreshing, and feature styles ranging from blues to world music. Was Director of Music at St.Paul University Children's Chorus in St.Louis and teaches piano privately
Collins, Henry Bird Collins, H. B. 1870 1941 English music arranger, editor, author