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Arnold, Doris 1904 1969 BBC Radio presenter, producer, and pianist.
Arnold, Malcolm 1921 2006 English composer. with a reputation for composing light music, film scores, works for theatre, ballets and symphonies.
Artman, Ruth Eleanor 1919 2010 School teacher in Fort Wayne, Carmel and Illinois for many years, and also a church choral director and composer. -
Asche, Oscar Asche, John Stange(r) Heiss Oscar 1871 1936 Australian actor, director and writer, best known for having written, directed, and acted in the record-breaking musical Chu Chin Chow,
Ascher, Kenneth Kenneth Lee "Kenny" Ascher 1944 American jazz pianist, composer, and arranger who is active in jazz, rock, classical, and musical theater genres
Ashford, Nickolas 1942 2011 Nick Ashford was part of the singing-songwriting duo Ashford & Simpson with his wife Valerie Simpson.
Ashman, Howard 1950 1991 American playwright and lyricist
Asmussen, Svend 1916 2017 Danish jazz violinist known as "The Fiddling Viking". A Swing style virtuoso, he played and recorded with many of the greats of Jazz, including Duke Ellington, Benny Goodman and Stephane Grappelli.
Asola, Giammateo Gian Matteo, Giovanni Matteo; Asula, Asulae 1532 1609 Italian composer of the late Renaissance. He was a prolific composer of sacred music, mostly in a conservative style, although he may have been one of the first composers to write a part for basso continuo.
Aston, Peter G. 1938 2013 English composer, academic and conductor perhaps best known for his choral works. Although best known for his liturgical choral works, his output included chamber works for voices and instruments, choral and orchestral works and an opera for children. He is probably best known for his Communion and Magnificat and Nunc Dimittis in F.
Aston, Tilly 1873 1947 Australian Poet
Atherton, Jacqueline Australian composer/author/Teacher. Former member of Australian Voices
Atkins, Ivor [Sir] 1869 1953 Choirmaster and organist at Worcester Cathedral from 1897 to 1950. He is well known for editing Allegri's Miserere with the famous top-C part for the treble. He is also well known for The Three Kings, an arrangement of a song by Peter Cornelius as a choral work for Epiphany.He composed songs, church music, service settings and anthems. With Edward Elgar he prepared an edition of Bach's St. Matthew Passion.
Atkinson, Elizabeth J. 1951 Pianist/organist of Foundry United Methodist Church in Virginia Beach, VA. Her choral compositions have been performed and premiered by numerous churches and music groups.
Attaignant, Pierre 1494 1552 French music printer, active in Paris. Compositions by Attaignant have been used in contemporary popular music
Attaway, William 1911 1986 American writer and songwriter
Atterbury, Luffman 1735 1796 carpenter, builder and musician
Attwood, Thomas 1765 1838 An English composer and organist.
Atwood, Scott American arranger and composer (Alliance Music Publications); he is also an experienced clinician, presenter, adjudicator, and consultant
Auber, Daniel-Francois-Esprit 1782 1871 French Composer
Auden, W. H. Auden, Wystan Hugh 1907 1973 Anglo-American poet, born in England, an American citizen (from 1946)
Audran, Edmond Audran, Achille Edmond 1840 1901 French composer best known for several internationally successful operettas
Auric, Georges 1899 1983 French composer, film composer and music critic
Austin, Dallas 1970 American songwriter, record producer, and musician,
Austin, Ernest 1874 1947 prolific composer of songs, covering a wide spectrum of mood, from serious Shakespearean settings to ballads of both sentimental and robust natures
Austin, William James 1949 New York City poet, writer, musician, visual artist, and academic.
Autry, Gene 1907 1998 American performer who gained fame as a singing cowboy on the radio, in movies, and on television for more than three decades beginning in the early 1930s
Averay, Juliet Lyricist/Librettist
Averre, Richard E. 1921 2001 American composer particularly of Christmas carols
Avshalamov, Jacob 1919 2013 Composer and Music Professor